Election 2014 is Priority #1

Don’t get it twisted!  Other than food, clothing and shelter, there is nothing more important to poor and middle class Americans of all races than voting on or before Tuesday, Nov. 4.

When people understand any of the following, they will be more likely to vote.

My Top 10 Reasons why you should vote in this and every election:

1) The taxes we pay every time we buy something is used to pay the salaries of our elected officials. Therefore, they work for us. Therefore, we should know what they are doing so we can hold them accountable.

2) The taxes we pay are also allocated by our elected officials to salaries of city, county, state and federal workers; paving roads, repairing sewers, supplimenting rapid transit, school budgets, beautifying neighborhoods, and more.

3)  When you and over half a million registered voters in Georgia who do not vote, decide to vote, it could change the political climate in Georgia for all poor, and middle-class residents for years to come.

4) Lots of local elections are won by less than 100 votes.That means if 20 more people per precinct were to vote we could control what happens in our neighborhoods, city hall, state capitol, and the White House.

5) Knowing who to vote for is as simple as googling “sample ballot” plus your state. It will reveal all the candidate and ballot initiative(s) information for you to review before you go to the polls. The info you need is in your hand (in your cell phone).

6) Do not stop at the top!  As quiet as it is kept, lots of voters vote for the top two or three races. Everything on the ballot is important. Vote the entire ballot!!

7) Since poor and middle class people clearly outnumber rich people, it is easy  to see that we have a clear majority if we all vote. It is also easy to understand why there are so many efforts in Georgia and across the nation to suppress voting by the poor and minorities. High voter turrnout means Democrats win.

8) People are literally dying to get into this country to enjoy what our Democracy offers. It is unlike any other. Yet many of us who were born into this wonderful Democracy do not understand the power of the vote. It controls everything…everything. Everything in our lives is tied to voting.  From the location of grocery stores, hospitals, schools and prisons to what laws get passed to how much you pay for college classes, state ID cards/drivers licenses, and car and home insurance rates.

9) There is nothing, n-o-t-h-i-n-g more important than voting!!  If people can spend the night in the cold, waiting in line to buy a new flatscreen TV,  concert tickets, or the latest cell phone; surely you can spend a few minutes researching the issues, or asking a friend or relative for help.

10) Politicians are hot all alike. Nor are all of them crooks.  What they have in common is that 20% of the people (in local and midterm elections) who vote for them control what happens to the other 80% who do not bother to vote. That makes no sense.

Now, if these Top Ten Reasons why voting is critically important does not inspire you to vote, you need to check your pulse.

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